Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My New Job

For the last two years (when I haven't been away at school) I've spent most of my time working for Marcus Theaters.  In fact, I enjoy the job so much that I've decided to apply for a promotion to assistant manager.  However, I think I'd like to apply for a new job-- with AJ Burnett.

You may have heard that AJ Burnett made a $250,000+ investment in a home theater and of course I was wondering if he was hiring.  I haven't seen anything yet, but I'll keep my eye on it.

For those of you that haven't heard, the theater is brilliant. released the details of the theater which includes a 104-inch screen coming from a 1080p DLP projector and a state of the art sound system.  The article quoted a designer saying, "He can have it as loud as he wants." And if you look at the room, it is very aesthetically pleasing.

What has become somewhat commonplace for many athletes is the touchscreen control system that operates the lights, Blu-Ray player, satellite dish and much more.  Burnett has gone even further than all-out.

The room is big with massive chairs that you could almost live in.  And wondering what is outside?  It's a lobby with movie posters all around and a small little concession stand.  Yes, a concession stand in your house.  Now, it's not manned nor does it have a soda dispenser, but I really don't think he'll have much problem finding popcorn, candy, or (adult) beverages.

Were there any problems?  Surprisingly, yes.  Burnett is a big guy (6'4") in a room that has a 7.5 foot cieling.  Putting the projector in was a little tough, but I think he'll do.

But I am more than amazed with this design.  As a person that loves movies and baseball and loves his job at the theater, I would love to work for Burnett.  AJ, give me a call.

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