Sunday, May 3, 2009

Man He's Fast

Well, quite a bit has happened since we last posted.  Sorry for being a little lazy, but we're here now!

Carl Crawford stole 6 bases on Sunday which tied a modern day Major League record.  4 of the steals came off of Brad Penny and the other two came off of Manny Delcarmen and Ramon Ramirez.  Now, Brad Penny doesn't have blazing stuff nor does he have the shortest windup but still, that's a massive amount.  That brings Crawford's total stolen base mark this year up to 17.  Assuming that he doesn't get hurt, he may make a lot of fantasy owners happy.  In fact, as an owner of Crawford in one of my leagues, I couldn't be any happier, especially after his 4-4 day which brought his average up to .317.

The player that may be able to match Crawford's spectacular feet was Rockies rookie Dexter Fowler who had 5 stolen bases earlier in the week.  All five came off of Chris Young who is rather easy to steal off of as it seems he begins to hesitate in his pitching motion, even with runners on base.  I can't say that I'm too surprised of this mark because what we do know about Fowler is that he can run fast and that Chris Young is easy to steal off of.  If I was the Rockies manager, I would have had him steeling each time too.  You may want to keep an eye on this guy as he has gotten off to a pretty quick start with a .284 average.

Who did not see Jacoby Ellsbury steal home too?  Ellsbury has taken a lot of heat not only from "Red Sox Nation", but the entire nation.  I think he may have gotten a lot of his doubters off his back as the one thing that cannot be taught is speed, and he has it.  I would like to see him try and steal it again, just to see if he can.  Fantasy owners also have to love that he is second in the league in SBs so far this year.

Everybody has to love the speed of any athlete.  These three guys have it and so many more in the majors do.  I for one, am incredibly impressed.  Kudos to these guys and let's hope for some more great performance in and out of the base paths.

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