Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Monumental Collapses, Rizzo Vs. D-Cab and Big Debuts

- On Memorial Day, Major League Baseball teams donned Red flag-adorned caps. It also featured the Rays losing a game in which they once had a 10-0 lead. It also, though it can be argued against, featured the smallest strikezone in MLB History. With 2 outs in the 9th, the Indians scored 7 runs and Rays relievers basically had to pitch down the middle to get strike called.

Don't believe me? Email me @ to get a screenshot of the strikezone.

- Mike Rizzo must be preparing for Stephen Strasburg(Steven Strausberg, for Natinals fans) and a possible grievance from the MLBPA. When asked why he decided to cut bait on Daniel "Wild Thing" Cabrera, Rizzo was quoted in saying "I got tired of watching him." Wow, that's brutally honest. Nothing new, seeing as he once took a swipe at Steve Shell before after cutting the reliever.

- Matt Wieters, David Price and Fernando Martinez will make their season debuts this week. Wieters, the top prospect in all of baseball, will be featured prominently in an interesting line-up that features Nick Markakis, Adam Jones, Brian Roberts and Nolan Reimold.

David Price was erratic in his first start, but how much of his ineffeciency can be blamed on the postage stamp of a strike zone that Angel Hernandez was using against the Rays? For those not watching the game, Price featured a 99 mph fastball and a slider that dipped as low as 75 mph. I could be wrong, but a 24 mph difference between mph readings will make Price very intimidating.

Wieters and Price, baseball fans know easily. However, Fernando Martinez should be on radars as well. F-Mart has been playing in the minors since the age of 16 and Ryan Church may get Wally Pipp'D if Fernando continues to hit like he did in AAA.

In lesser-known prospects getting calls, Jake Fox and David Hernandez are both receiving shots at sticking in the majors. Cubs INF Jake Fox had a 1.600 OPS in AAA and Bobby Scales' Cinderella Story was the only thing keeping Jake down. Daniel, on the other hand, is the first in a long line of Baltimore pitching prospects getting calls. He's more of a finesse type, so he's gonna see his fair share of tough outings early on.

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