Monday, May 18, 2009

High-and-Tight, Steve Phillips and Pat Burrell is a lady-killer

-Apparently the most-likely candidate to get nailed by a pitch on a consistent basis is not Carlos Quentin(who, during his minor league career had a season in which he got nailed by a pitch over 40 times!) but Ian Kinsler. Kinsler must wink at pitchers before at-bats because he's seen fastballs whiz behind him as of late. Bobby Jenks throw a purprose, non-purpose pitch which costed Jenksy 750 dollars that had to have made a huge dent in his McDonalds/Dunkin' Donuts/Blonde Hair Dye budget. Then, a day after he launched 2 HRs of Angels pitchers, he single-handedly took John Lackey out of the game within 2 pitches.

Stop winking, Ian!

-According to Rays Index, Pat Burrell went to stark nakedness to fully-dressed and on the field for the Rays-Indians bench-clearing melee...within 20 seconds. RI has pictures to prove this.

My question is, what kind of past deviousness has PtB done to have him learn to become fully dressed within a split-second? Pat the Bait stories come to my mind right now, tsk tsk young man.

-Steve Phillips hasn't ever been a favorite of mine on any baseball-related program on ESPN. His only successful claim to fame was being the guy who announced that the Mets will select David Wright in the Amateur Draft. He(of the "Let's Give Month Vaughn a Brinks Truck Full of Cash" Fame) along with his successor(Dan Duquette), are the reason why Omar Minaya still has a job with the Mets even after consecutive late-season chokes in the previous seasons that kept the Mets out of the playoffs.

Well, his stupidity has reached another level according to fans. He's made it to the Joe Morgan level of "Did he just say that?"-ness.

Let me unveil to you...(And just now discovered) Fire Steve Phillips dot com!

The commentary on chat wraps alone is worth the visit, unless you don't want to read recycled sentences by Steve, hear some foreshadowing, or read about his love/hate relationship with the Florida Marlins.

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