Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Excuse #214: My cousin made me do it.

It's been said "The truth will set you free!"

However, when you're a future Hall-of-Famer like Alex Rodriguez is said to be(or had been), the truth may be more damaging if it's actually revealed. If you remember, when Selena Robert's article revealed Alex was juiced between 2001-2003, Scott Boras and A-Rod went into damage control within 24 hours. Peter Gammons got Alex in an interview, which Alex revealed he did the drugs that he did.

If anyone seen that interview, the powder puff questions and Alex's dodging of the tougher ones was laughable. He wouldn't reveal how he got it or what he really did.

Now, in A-Rod's Spring Training Press Conference, he was a bit more revealing. He, this time, blamed his cousin for talking him into doing an over-the-counter steroid that was available in the Dominican Republic in 2001. A bit better, had you not read from a prepared and most likely rehearsed speech. Speaking from the heart would've been better, unless the aforementioned tale of your "cousin" is fictional and you forgot certain details that would have made you out to be a liar.

Does anyone else think that this 2-week long turmoil will have an adverse effect on Alex's upcoming 5-6 months of play? On paper, having Alex and Teixiera hitting back-to-back would make the Yankees lock for a playoff spot. What if this story eats at him and causes him to play half-heartedly? A bad April could put Alex in a year-long slump that Yankee fans will never allow him to shake off. Remember, these fans have ran off players who need fan approval to build confidence.

Its gonna be interesting how this is gonna play out.

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