Sunday, December 18, 2011

Deepdish Baseball's Grand Re-Opening?

Lots of baseball news has gone on since I last posted here, which is something I regret and would like to apologize for. However, thanks to facebook, my love for writing about the game has grown far more than it has ever been. Tons of news these days, thanks to twitter enabling to writers to tweet to the masses with their news about insane Free Agent spending to questionable trades and then there's questionable motives behind moves. It can be funny sometimes, but it can also be just mind-numbingly dumb.

Deep Dish Baseball will continue to focus on the Cubs, White Sox and my beloved Tampa Bay Rays...however, I will also share my opinions on the entire MLB and possibly elsewhere(if it matters). I do this at my facebook group, on a nearly daily basis, with help from some of my friends. However, the opinions in me can take up alot of space on the wall to my FB group, so I shall post my full opinions here and link there(if you are a member, you get the best of both worlds.....if not, there's always room to join).

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