Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Week That Was...

Baseball is now a week in the books and its hilarious how telling the first week can be, or what I'm perceiving through my own eyes.

-Kevin Gregg is no more, I shall call him KGE or "The Kevin Gregg Experiment". Everytime KGE steps on the mound, Cubs fans know what Rays fans once felt like when Denys Baez was closer and JoeBo wasn't our 8th inning bandaid. 3-2 counts were a given and if he were brought in with 2 outs in the 8th, he was going to blow the save in the 9th.

-Will Carroll and a few others created Evan Longoria's nickname on twitter this week. He's known as "The Keeper" and after his first 6 games, Evan has 5 HRs, 1 SB(Thievan Longoria!) and 3 GIDPs. Also learned this week was that the Rays are above average with RISP(when not dealing with Adam Jones) and high leverage situations.

-Aaron Harang, Chris Carpenter and Josh Johnson are back. 2 are overcoming shoulder injuries and Harang just needs to forget about 2008. However, this is only a week in and Carp needs to prove that he's gonna be in there for the long run.

-The White Sox are already baffling and probably will prove BP wrong again with their projections, mainly because they beat a better team like Minnesota but get shown up by Kansas City.

-Speaking of BP(Baseball Prospectus), they're inviting all bloggers and fans to become a future writer(and with their track record, possibly have a future in front offices). I've been taking my time with my entry essay, but will have it in by the wednesday deadline for sure.

-My heart goes out to the LA Angels, Nick Adenhart's family and the others who were involved in the fatal crash. No surprise to me when "Mr. Nice Guy" Torii Hunter went after Josh Beckett for throwing over Abreu's head after a timeout was called. Hey Boston, go to hell, noone is afraid of you guys anymore. Your "idiot" mentality isn't even funny anymore, either.

-The Yankees will probably be in the running for the playoffs this year, but its looking like it may come by the hands of AJ Burnett and Nick Swisher than CC and Teixiera. Swish is back to his old Oakland self, but clean cut(Yankee rules). The bullpen is shaky outside of Rivera really and KC has proven how hittable they can be in the 7th and 8th innings already.

-If you don't know Emilio Bonifacio, you will soon. He's got more runs scored than games played and turning heads while he's doing it. Beinfest & Company have been owning people in trades for a few years now and Bonifacio's opening day inside-the-park HR made the Marlins' scouting department look like geniuses when people questioned using a horrible on-base guy as their leadoff guy(minor lg stats) at a new position. Speed kills and the marlins have the young pitching to shutdown opposing teams that are trying to counter the Marlins somewhat explosive hitting. Marlins are one of my sleepers, even with the Mets revamped pen.

-It took 6 games for Cleveland to get their first win and Cliff Lee is sucking thus far. I'm glad I didn't gamble on this prediction in Vegas. Hopefully Fausto or some other non-Pavano pitcher can fix the Indians' woes.

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