Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tourney Troubles

It's March and by the end of the month, 2 touraments will be over and only 1 champion will truly matter. It sure won't be the WBC champion, if you ask me. Not that I don't like the idea, but the timing of it is all wrong.

If you ask a player on Team USA what WBC stands for, I wouldn't be surprised if they answered "We're Broken, Coach!" Is it the poor conditioning by the Team USA players or is it that international players take this tournament more seriously? Honestly, how many freak and almost petty injuries have been inflicted on the USA roster? Dustin Pedroia, David Wright, Chipper Jones, Kevin Youkilis, JP Howell and Matt Lindstrom have all seen more trips to the Trainers' table than most of their major league teammates have on their respective rosters.

I don't know about you, but does the entire idea of the WBC coinciding with Spring Training seem a bit wrong? When a player should be easing into regular season work, players in the WBC are throwing 95+ mph fastballs and running their hardest to beat out throws and put their country closer to winning the WBC.

If it were my choice, the WBC would be better held during the All-Star Break every 4 years. Rather than it being 1 week long, make the Break 3 weeks long. Olympic and Carribean World Series winners and runners-up respective countries would have automatic invites into the WBC. It may be tougher for teams like Australia or South Africa, but honestly have they shown that they're on the level of other teams in the WBC anyways?

This extended break would ensure that pitchers would already be in their extended pitch counts and hitters would be in their greatest shape at that point of the season. There would be less chances of strains and pains that have been appearing thus far.

Just some food for thought..

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